Does your ER scan medications?

  1. Anyone else work in the ER where you have to scan your medications before giving to patient?
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  3. by   Annisme
    Yes, we just started the new system.
  4. by   zamboni
    Yeah, we just started too. And I have to say it was highly entertaining to watch a nurse try to scan meds during a code a few weeks ago. Or when RT refused to start an updraft on a crumping patient because his Albuterol wouldn't scan. Personally, I'm a huge fan of the amount of work required when we pull meds for a critical that rolls in without ID, then we have to save the bottles of Etomidate and Sux (and all the other goodies that go along with it), and then go back and reconfigure the name in the Pyxxis once we get an ID, and then finally scan meds.

    Oh, and if we pull a med and don't scan it within 30 minutes, it gets bumped out of the computer MAR since it's not "scheduled". Awesome.

    Of course, we still have to chart it on the paper chart too, since the docs aren't being forced to the computers but we are....weeeeeeee...double charting! :icon_roll

    Yeah, not a fan of our system....I'm trying, I really am. I would much prefer we go to all computers. But our system has so many bugs and flaws...