Does Southern Cali have Baylor shifts?

  1. Just wondering if Southern California has these so called Baylor shifts? I have never heard of this before. I am a new grad about to take my boards and was wondering if this is something that all hospitals do? Anyone know about UCLA or CHOC? Does anyone know how much the extra shift bonus is at these facilities? Thanks...........Happy Holidays! :Holly1:
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I was just reading about this kind of shift and overtime on another thread and was thinking too good to be true. I love to work just for the sake of working. I learn a lot from this site, but in experience, have found that when it comes to shifts, scheduling, etc., there is a lot of "discretion" involved., i.e., the person making the schedule will have a lot of part timers, etc. to fill in rather than have less full time equivalent personnel, sometimes this has had something to do (OBVIOUS IN THE WORKPLACE) with personal friendships. That is, one person can not get one job because so and so, a friend of so and so, who has pull in such and such a facility, has two full time jobs, or one full time and another part time, on-call, etc. job. Can be very disheartening. You know, it's not what you know (or your skills, abilities) but who you know.
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  4. by   TheCommuter
    I have not lived in California in over 1 year, but I currently work Baylor shifts at an extended care facility in Texas. I work 16 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday, have Monday through Friday off, and get paid for 40 hours with benefits.