Does non-violent crisis intervention really work? - page 2

I spent all day today in the NVCI class. Some of the techniques made sense but some made me think "O-kaaaaaaay......whatever!" Do the restraint techniques really work? They work in controlled... Read More

  1. by   chenoaspirit
    Our instructor who teaches this works on a psych ward and uses it often. However, about a year ago she was attempting it and the patient took HER down and it broke her hip. She had to have emergency surgery. I think it can be very helpful, but not in all situations.
  2. by   Otessa
    In one word "yes"

    if the techniques are used properly and the whole TEAM knows what is expected of them in these situations and you have practiced the worst case scenarios BEFORE they happen (worked ER and BH in the past-also have had to use on Med-Surg and ICU).
  3. by   danielalosey
    I have a question, where do i obtain the crisis intervention certificate? Thank you!