Does being a CNA help you get into Nursing school? - page 2

I have seen so many people opting to become CNAs and then branching to nursing. Does being a CNA help when you are trying to get into Nursing programs? Does it really make a difference or have any... Read More

  1. by   locolorenzo22
    I FIRMLY believe every nurse should have at least 6 months as a CNA before getting their license. It definitely helps you learn how to relate to patients, understand rationales, do the basic care safely, and know how/when to do things. It also helps you learn how to prioritize....a great skill when you are nursing! CNAs do a lot of hands-on care, and I couldn't do my job without them. I frequently decide to go back and bathe or shave, or turn patients appropriately and know that I can give a frequent hand when they are swamped! I feel like CNAs are the backbone of any good facility. my .02
  2. by   jean36
    Beign a CNA would help at my school.