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A nurse holds an Egyptian baby named Manar Maged in a hospital in the city of Banha, 25 miles, north of Cairo Feb. 18, 2005. Egyptian doctors said they removed the second head from the girl, who was... Read More

  1. by   jeepgirl
    Here's the thing though. They had TWO different brains.
    Is the second head thinking???!?!?!?!?They said that that extra head would open its eyes, blink and move its mouth when the other one (the child) would be asleep. Weird. There's video of it on the net if you look it up.
    I guess it's reflexes were all there also... from the neck up.

    There's video of it on the net. Also, look up stuff on the two headed boy of bengal.
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  2. by   Spidey's mom
    This is a case of two separate children meant to be twins where something goes wrong in the embyronic stage and the second twin didn't develop past the brain/head/face/shoulder(?) stage. The second twin is still the second twin. With a separate brain. It really bothers me that the twin is called a "parasite" even though I understand the physiology involved. Maybe that makes it easier for the doctors though.

    There are two babies in that photo. One with severe defects. But a human soul nonetheless.

    At least to me.