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  1. Hello everyone! My major is nursing and I'm almost done with my pre-requisites that I have to complete before applying for the nursing program. I have good grades and I'm sure I will do well once I get in because the nursing field has always interested me. I have been thinking and was wondering if after I have completed nursing school and start looking for a job at a hospital if it would look bad if I haven't had an actual job. My parents understand that I stay up studying for days at a time and never pushed me to work. They want me to put school first and I'm very thankful that they understand. I have done babysitting, but thats about it. I plan to start volunteering at a hospital in my free time and during summers to get a taste of being in the hospital environment and of course to help. I'm still worried that even with good grades the lack of job experience would prevent me from getting a job. Do you guys think this would be a problem? Thank you to anyone that responds. I didn't know it would be this long lol.
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  3. by   mtnmom
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    I don't think that the lack of actual job experience would hurt you. you are fortunate to have parents that are so supportive of you and your goals.

    Having said that, though, I think that some "real-world" experience would help you make sure that this is your chosen field, and might help your application to competitive programs. Some type of volunteering in a healthcare or community setting would be good. A big focus of my nursing program was community health, so understanding the needs "out there" would be good background too.

    Whatever you do, keep your eyes, heart and mind open, and you'll do fine. Good luck!
  4. by   santhony44
    I'm guessing from this that yoyu're pretty young? Most employers don't necessarily expect a fairly young person, still living at home with Mom & Dad, to have extensive work experience.

    While it never hurts to have a work history, I don't really think this will keep you from getting a job in nursing, assuming you do well in school.

    Volunteering would be nice, especially if you take it as seriously as a paid job so that it can be the source of some good recommendations.

    Also, think of ways to present your babysitting experience as having value outside of the $$ earned- what did you learn from that experience that would make you a valuable employee?

    If I were doing the hiring, I would not expect a new graduate to have the skills of an experienced nurse. What I would look for would be evidence of a potential good employee. I would look for evidence that you were dependable and conscientious, able to get along well with other people, be a team player, willing to admit that you don't know everything yet but are willing to learn, etc etc.

    If you have the opportunity to work as a nurse tech or aide or whatever during the summer, that might not be a bad idea, either.

    But, again, I'd be looking for good employee material, not necessarily the most skilled person (but of course would expect the skills to come along with time).

    Good luck!
  5. by   colleennurse
    As someone else said you are young and you would not be expected to have a work history. Looks like you were smart and went right from high school to college And you are lucky enough to know at a young age what it is that you want to do. Enjoy the fact that you can focus only on school and not have to worry about making money! If you can over over the summer do the volunteering or tech job. I know there were a few girls in my nursing class that came straight from high school and they only had some work experience in restaurants and such. And if it makes you feel any better I am 29 and had no experience in the hospital setting, yes I have a work history, but no medical background and I had no problem getting a job. Someone else also said that they will not expect a new grad to know much and they will train you. Good luck!
  6. by   JR816
    Hi Pinky,

    I am kinda in the same boat. I will be graduating in April of '07 and have no hospital experience (other than my clinicals). I was going to start working as a PCT this summer, but they were only going to pay me $9.00 an hour. And considering I would have to quit my night job, that was not a feasable option for me. To compensate for no experience, I try to stay active within my community through my student nurse association. We have done free school physicals for kids, fundraisers for Katrina Victim, and are currently involoved in the National Diabetic Foundation Annual Fundraising drive. I imagine this will show future employers that I care about giving back to the community.
  7. by   varn80
    It didn't matter for me. I was hired into an ICU as a new grad with no related work experience. I'm 26 and haven't had a job since I was a teenager (except MOMMY). During my interview the human resources people were much more interested in my clinical experiences than any previous jobs. I made a resume that most outlined what I had done in school and all of the managers I talked to appreciated that, especially as they were able to see any specialties I spent time in. I think it will be just fine to focus on school, but be sure to make the most of your time in clinicals. Look for extra opportunities and be willing to lend a hand whenever possible. It really surpised me at the end of the day how little some of my fellow students had done and it paid off in the end to work my tail because I got to see and do quite a bit more than most. Good luck.