Does anybody know

  1. My doctor put me on Phentermine. Does anybody know anything about this? She also put me on Glucophage. She said this would help with the weight. I have gained 46 pounds since July. She did a thyroid work-up and it came back normal. She has ordered another blood test and I cannot remember what they call it. Can anybody tell me?
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  3. by   streetwise
    Phentermine is a stimulitant of the cns. i increase you BMR. Therfore helping to loose wheight. The glucophage is a drug that prevents you liver forom producing sugar and helps your intestants absorb sugar. At the same time it increases you sensativity to insulin. therfore helping youi sugar to be use byyour body and not stored as fat. At the same time you must watch what you eat. Tipicaly the diet includes low carbohydrates. Now I said low not NONE. The best advice is to fallow your docotrs order for your diet.
    I hope that helps in some way. take care.!
  4. by   Talino
    Not undermining allnurses members' knowledge but your concerns 'bout phentermine can be best explored in this forum...

    Is this something kinda dangerous? was this the med that was in the news a while back?
  6. by   globalRN
    It is a sympathomimetic-stimulates CNS activity so common reactions could be insomnia, palpitations, tachycardia, dry mouth, dizziness, headache, excitation etc. Fastin is another brand name for it and this brand was discontinued in the US.

    Glucophage is a oral hypoglycemic agent drug that is recommended for NIDDM patients who could also benefit from the weight loss. Glucophage does not cause hypoglycemia like the sulfonylureas but have to watch out for metabolic acidosis.

    Kinda hard to guess what may be happening without more details but....Perhaps your doctor wanted to check your HbA1c in the future with fasting glucose? Or wants to check your lipid profile? Or get a baseline liver and renal test?
    Very interesting. Thanks guys.....:O)