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I am increasingly becoming sickened by a group of docs where I work. They seem to keep their pts alive at ALL costs. I have heard one of them tell the daughter of my pt that the pt didn't have... Read More

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    Yes..if it were to come RIGHT NOW. I would assume you are healthy, so you have not truly had to (as of yet) contemplate your own mortality. I will also guess that you have yet to lose both your parents, your siblings, your spouse, most (if not all) of your friends, cousins, aunts/uncles. I will also throw caution to the wind and take a gamble that you do not have a chronic, debilitating illness, are not constantly in pain, have not lost all independence, and most basic functions.

    Some people lose their desire to live. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS!! THIS DOES NOT MEAN THEY DON'T LOVE LIFE!! This simply means that they have come to terms with their own mortality and that they have come a point in their life where they are, in fact, AT PEACE with the fact that they are, as we all are, going to die.

    Have you not had the honor to witness this?? I hope you do because it is a beautiful thing to hear a person (and I only have experienced this with elderly friends) say that, “Yes, life was hard. It had its up and downs, but more ups… I have had a good life…a good family, husband…I wouldn’t change a thing...I'm ready to go.” To hear someone say these things is breathtaking...I can’t even begin to express the admiration I have for these people and I feel extremely privileged to have heard their thoughts/feelings/insight.
    Yes I too have heard these very moving words. I have witnessed beautiful deaths as well as agonizing ones. I have witnessed death of strangers as well as death of loved ones. I have witnessed so much death that I am sick of it. Your patient originally mentioned was not at deaths door-the doctor said she was not terminal. We are not talking about with holding life support we are talking about withholding medical care...are we allowed to withold care that will cause death to occur..such as stop giving blood pressure meds or heart medications just becasue someone doesn't want to live anymore? Isn't this like Kvorkian (sp?)? Last I heard he was in jail.
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    Kevorkian (sp?) actually administered medications to cause death. Choosing not to have treatment is totally different. I have a patient who decided not to undergo surgery for osteomyelitis. (She had a stroke following hip replacement, pretty debilitated physically, but not mentally.) She refused IV meds or surgery and went on hospice on po antibiotics, even though the surgeons opinion was that it would kill her. That was 2 years ago! You just never know, do you? I think the most important thing is her wishes were honored. I was always taught that the patient has the right to refuse. Blood pressure pills, etc. Hard to accept, true, but nothing about nursing is easy!