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I posted this on the canadian thread, but would appreciate any input from the rest of you too. I just got off work and I want to vomit. I had a woman in labor begging me for an epidural, crying... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    I do not tolerate doctors cursing at me. I will very politely tell them "I am not talking to you that way, and would appreciate it if you would give me the same." If it continues, I would just walk away and notify management on call. I am not paid to take verbal abuse by anyone: doctors, fellow nurses, patients, and the least of all the FAMILIES. I have had all I plan to take. I don't treat other people like they are scum on the bottom of my shoe and I expect the same in return. We are very fortunate at our hospital that we work with basically the same 10 or so doctors and for the most part have a good rapport with them. Except for the above mentioned surgeon in my first post. He is a jacka**. Period. I heard one of the family docs the other day tell the 1st year med student that is following him "Be nice to the nurses, and they will help you a lot. If your not nice to the nurses, they can make you miserable." I had to chuckle.
  2. by   sleepqd
    We have a couple of docs who like to biopsy walletts. Thats why I go to a PA: really cares about his folks, never fails to ask me about other members of family.
    MD horror story- Had a pt, fresh postop EGD who we knew had a active bleeder in stomach, partially clotted. We are a small rural hosp., so we were urging doc to put wheels under him. We had an order to transfuse PRBCs as fast as they would run. I was pumping in blood approx. 1 unit/30mins. This was keeping BP @ "I can live with it" level. We were waiting for critical care transport. Then this looney woman says to cancel CCT, his BP is OK, we'll keep him here! At this point, I got up in her face and told her(loudly) we didn't have the staff to give him the care he needed( 2 RNs and 10 other pt.s). Then she tried to say the pt. refused transfer. The Adm. Sup and I went in room with pt. and family. What he said was he didn't want to go but would if that what was best. We talked to family and they pushed for transfer. Finally got him out to larger facility. Sadly, he died later on that night. They were doing another EGD and knocked "scab" off bleeder and he bled out on OR table. That women will never touch my family if I can help it!!
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