Do you use gloves all the time

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  2. Poll: Poll: Do you wear gloves all the time?

    • YES, 100% of the time I have patient contact

      38.46% 5
    • Yes, most of the time I have any patient contact

      23.08% 3
    • Yes, if I am being watched, teaching students or my pt is in the healthcare field!

      0% 0
    • Yes, if I'm touching something goopy or disgusting

      38.46% 5
    • Yes, but only if my patient is in special isolation

      0% 0
    • Uh, nope! I'd rather wash my hands alot...and live dangerously!

      0% 0
    • No way! I don't want to get allergic to latex!

      0% 0
    13 Votes
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  4. by   Flynurse
    I already posted in the other thread, but I chose the first answer!