Do you know a nurse who has had their license taken away for unsafe practice?

  1. This question was inspired by the thread about what other nurses have done to freak you out? Some of those stories made me wonder. Plus, I hear co-workers tell other nurses "they are going to loose their license." I only know a few nurses who lost their license d/t stealing and using narcs. I'll give an example that I hear at work: A family member calls and the nurse speaks to them. Another nurse overhears and says, You gave too much info and that violated HIPPA! You are going to loose your license!" Here's another: An IV antibiotic is hung an hour late because pharmacy didn't get it to the floor until then. Another nurse sees this and says, "You MUST give meds on time! You are going to loose your license!"

    Is the "You are going to loose your license" a real threat or just something that nurses like to throw out there to shake their fellow nurses up? Do you know a nurse who has lost their license for something other than drug abuse?
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  3. by   TazziRN
    It's a threat that is overblown to instill fear, or to show off knowledge that doesn't exist. It actually takes a lot to lose a license, usually nurses are disciplined...even nurses who divert narcs.
  4. by   puggymae
    I have never personally known anyone to lose their license for anything other than misuse of narcotics - and unfortunately I know quite a few of them.
  5. by   Quickbeam
    even nurses who divert narcs.
    So true! My first experience with a drug diverting nurse was awful...the entire floor was suspect and we were scrutinized for months. When the person was caught she was sent to a 3 month rehab (all expenses paid by the hospital) and was then promoted on return to day shift charge! Many people had waited years for a chance at that job and were really unhappy. Every one of us then had to attend counseling classes ...mandatory...not about our feelings but teaching us how to be compassionate for the drug diverting RN.

    The diverting RN stole narcotics 3 more times. After the last one, she was fired and her license was revoked.

    I know of one other RN who lost her license because her mental health issues were too huge for her to be functional at work.

    I've never known ANYONE to lose their license for making a straightforward clinical error.