Do you have nursing malpractice insurance?

  1. I used to, but stopped b/c a hospital attorney said the hospital supplies the insurance, no further insurance should be necessary.

    But I'm thinking the hospital hire's the insur./attorney's they'll be protecting #1 the hospital not me.

    What's your thought on this?
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  3. by   StaceRacer1
    I was taught in school that we do not need insurance if we practice within the scope of our practice identified by the Nurse Practice Act. The hospital attorney will work for the nurse if she follows these guidelines!!!

    I was advised it was a waste of money, if you follow the NPA.
  4. by   snazzle
    I have nursing malpratice insurance,i got it through the NSO. I have been employed at a LTC facility for 6 years. I was encouraged by staff development to obtain my own malpractice insurance. I, also thought that the insurance that the facility has covered the staff. The staff development nurse has been a BSN,RN for 35 years, she informed me that if anything occured the lawyers will be there to protect the facility not the nurses. I obtain my malpratice insurance through the NSO. I can tell you that the Staff Development Nurse was correct. A lawsuit was filed, the lawyers were there to protect the facility, the NSO sent lawyers for the nurses, who have insurance through them. Luckily the documentation was all there and the lawsuit was dropped. Take a little advice protect yourself, it only costs $89 per year.