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Our hospital recently started using a timeclock, they don't call it this but that's what it is. We have to swipe our id badges at the start and end of our shift. It automatically deducts 30 minutes... Read More

  1. by   jkosinski9
    we do use a time clock but not for lunch. i usually take my 30 minute lunch break in 5 -10 minute intervals when i can get them. we were just audited by the labor board and that is illegal. must be a 30 minute uninterrupted lunch break. now they have to pay us for the last 2 years lunches. oh yea , i spent the morning in the admin. office
  2. by   GrnHonu99
    Quote from Marie_LPN
    Every healthcare job i've had, we've had to do this.

    The hospital i work at now, we have numeric codes we can enter for things like floating to different depts., call time, and shifts that we didn't get a lunch.
    We have the same thing. I think the "grace period" is bull. I agree, if i'm there, i'm working...i dont ever "stick around to socialize" me when its time to go home, i want to get out of there! Id have an issue with that. However, I don't find it demeaning to punch in/out, at least that way I know I'm getting paid for all the time I work. 30mins is autodeducted from our time... we can clock out and enter a code that says we worked through lunch.
  3. by   MOOSEMAN
    Welcome to the real world.