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When you take report on your patients, and are making notes throughout the day, do you carry a clipboard? I'm thinking about trying it, but I have a feeling I'll let it lay and then when a doc calls,... Read More

  1. by   KimberRN1
    I work in the ICU and we have "bedside" for each has what we need in it for the day....the MAR...nurses etc..... I know it's different that being on the floor where everything is kept in the chart...If I have labs due or accuchecks...I'll write in pencil at the top of the hour a reminder.......But I will say that I see more and more nurses using PDAs...I've considered getting one for myself ....they're real handy for looking up meds ...they also have alarms and places for notes.... I think eventually we might all have them.....
  2. by   nursemat
    Quote from EMR,RN
    Do they have special programs for nurses??? could you please tell me the brand you use??

    i have a pocket pc from dell and there is a SLEW of nursing software evrythign from drug guides to drip calculators

    just check this out for a sample of skyscape product which i find some of the best software

  3. by   DelightRN
    I carry a clipboard, but only so I can carry around pictures of my babies. :wink2:
  4. by   rn-jane
    Quote from luvdancink
    When you take report on your patients, and are making notes throughout the day, do you carry a clipboard? I'm thinking about trying it, but I have a feeling I'll let it lay and then when a doc calls, I wont have the info that I need. How do you all keep track of everything?

    ~Kristy (New Nurse)
    I could not work without a clipboard! I have the type that opens and keep all my small equip in there, important papers(drug info calculations). I make up a report sheet and keep on the front for all info i need when i talk with docs, families ect. I'b be lost without one.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes I do. I call it "my brain".
  6. by   sparkyRN
    Quote from nursemat
    PDA best thing ever invented, I use mine so much i can't function with out it.

    There is patients charts that you can customize and alarms you can set to remind you that a patient needs meds to check labs the whole works

    Just curious...does your hospital or HCF have any issues with you putting pt info in a personal PDA? I'm wondering about the big buzzword-Patient Confidentiality.
    Do you delete all the things you put in at the end of your shift?
  7. by   saintlouis
    I, too, am a clipboard junkie.

    But I've been looking at the PDA's... big selling point is the quick reference to a drug guide, but I've seen a few programs that will keep track of pt. info- vitals, labs, etc. that you need to carry around. Seems like it would be easier to slip into your pocket, less easier to loose (I set my clipboard down and the race is on to find it, but I USUALLY know where my pants are...), and has the added bonus of being able to take an MP3 file of some very soothing music for when things really get screwy.

    Anyone else switch to the PDA thingy's? What works, what doesn't?
    Perhaps we should start a new forum....

    Student in stl
  8. by   dknunges
    I always carry a clipboard when I work. Mine is bright pink and has a calculator on the top.(Hard to loose or anyone to walk off with) Comes in handy having it right there with your "brain" and not having to look for one...
  9. by   pediatriclpn
    I tried cheat sheets, notebooks, and found the clipboard with my cheat sheet worked the best for me. I worked LTC, kept it on the med cart with the mar's flipped over it so no one could see it when I was away from it. Did not carry it into rooms with me, cross contamination issue, and didn't leave it anywhere I would lose it. Worked home care, had one that kept all my pens, etc. in it. Good Luck finding what works best for you!
  10. by   luvdancink
    thanks for all the great responses. I'll stick with my cheat sheet for now.

  11. by   Antikigirl
    I tried so hard to just carry the small notebook that fits into my pocket. But with the ton of pens (I have to have tons, I leave them too many places..LOL!), my walkie, my cel phone, all my keys, and various other things that make their way into my or something else would fall out when I bent over (not to mention hitting so many things with over ladened hip pockets..LOL! I felt huge! LOL!).

    Naaaaaa I keep my clipboard with me..and residents would be so confused if they didn't' see me walking down the hallway with my eyes on my clipboard (looking up every few second to make sure I am not going to run into someone) and writing away. Heck, with all the charting we do in a day..I have to chart on the go!