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In hosp. where I used to work, RNs wore navy and white uniforms and LVNs wore any other colored uniforms. The same as CNA and other hosp. staff! I hated it. I feel that RNs and LVN/LPNs should wear a... Read More

  1. by   mignon
    I believe nurses should wear scrubs all the way. They are loose fitting just right for proper body mechanics. Today there many different styles and colours i consisder as a mode for destressing. Lastly nursing is a nasty job, not suitable for white. I was too happy to drop the whites and welcome the scrubs.
  2. by   nyapa
    Where we work we have a choice of hospital issue blue tents, which look almost exactly like a cleaners uniform, or a corporate uniform, with the choice of calottes (is that how you spell it?), skirts, and plain or patterned shirts in various designs ie short sleeved or no sleeves, collar or none. I like the corporate uniform, EN and RN have the same choice, but the hospital issues are ewww. I would like to try scrubs, they sound very comfortable, but only isolated paeds, ED and OT get the opportunity in our institution.
  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    It's Murphy's Law for me.

    Wear white and i sit in something red. Or brown.
  4. by   zambezi
    Another vote for individuality here (within reason-a neat, professional look is important). Please don't ever make me wear white! To those that want to wear it, please do so, but white is not for me. It would be dirty within seconds. As long and I look nice and act professionally it shouldn't really matter (and yes, I admit I am a low rider fan, I just can't wear pants at my waist, sorry!) On that point, as long as you can't see either my undies (thank you low rider undies!) or my "plumbers butt" (which you can't) and still look nice- no one is the wiser. If you put me and someone wearing their pants above their belly button, I promise, even when bending over you wouldn't be able to tell a difference!
  5. by   Agnus
    I did not votg. You did not list street clothes with a lab coat. Frankly I like the idea of street clothes covered by a lab coat.

    Lab does this the MDs do this even therapist do this And you know what they are reguared as a member of a profession. I currently wear all white. It is practical. I have no color decisions to make at 5 am. Everthing matches.

    Stains are easily identifed and treated before they set. You can bleach them and insure they are free of microbes and any traces of stain not gotten by the stain remover or detergent.

    All my pants are the same $9 bobbie brooks twill and I take the exta money and buy tops that have some style and fit so that I am not wearing the potato sack scrub top that I got sick of when I wore colors and prints.

    And a plus. After I started wearing white I discovered (deserved or not) a new found respect from collegues, doctors, and patients and visitors. I had nurses from other dept take me for the supervisor when I was not. Even after identifying myself as the staff nurse and the person they were complaining about as the charge nurse they still treated me as though I was the charge nurse's supervisor.

    I vote street clothes and lab coat. Every one else does. The only ones in scrubs out side of surgery are nurses, and everyone below ie house keeping, CNA's, food handlers, patient transport, unit clerks etc.

    It is a fallocy that white dirties easier or quicker. What ever you wear if it is soiled it is soiled and it shows even if you don't notice it yourself. The good thing is if it is white you have a better chance that after you launder it there will be no trace of a stain.
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  6. by   becoming_nurse
    I am 14 and I love trying to find nurse scrubs that are cute. I need some good websites. When I go to college I either want to be a rn or ipn. All I want to do is neither be in the baby nursery or in the delivery room. Which job would be better for that kind of stuff. How hard is college? Do you have to go every day of the week?