Do nurses take more crap because of their percieved role in health care? - page 3

By this I mean we are always percieved to be the self sacrificing gentle voice of reason, who never needs time to themselves or breaks and never gets mad at anything. And is not SUPPOSED to get upset... Read More

  1. by   warrior woman
    Quote from fergus51
    Thank God our break room is locked! Unless they know the code, they aren't getting in!

    I agree that nurses are expected to pick up the slack for everybody else. We seem to be the catchall profession. I have always said I will help out when my NURSING duties are done, but will not spend my time on the unnecessary when I have NURSING duties to attend to. If support staff doesn't like it, that's too bad. Are they going to put in the IV for me when I'm busy taking out the garbage or getting a blanket?
    All right fergus!! That's the way to be!! We need to start taking back our basic rights, and if Mgt. doesn't like it we should vote with our feet. I KNOW that the patients are important, but we also have to look out for ourselves too if we are to give quality care to them.
  2. by   Repat
    I just quit my job over this - I was running like a chicken without a head - two doctors on the phone with test results, two patients just back from surgery/endoscopy, and a new ER admit waiting in the room. Two aids sitting flirting with a doctor. I ask them to clean a patient up while I answered the phone and dealt with family questions about said surgery/endoscopy/admit. They went ballistic, and the charge nurse's reply? "Well, we all have to help" - this is to me, implying I have to clean the poop before I speak to doctors/family/ER staff. So, next day I hand in my notice. And what would have happened if I hadn't spoken to doctors/nurses/family members? We all know the answer to that.
  3. by   warrior woman
    Lord, what we put up with sometimes is almost criminal.
  4. by   lady_jezebel
    Yes, nurses definitely take more crap. No doubt about it.