Do nurses make bad patients? - page 2

Ive been a RN for 14 years, and am 43. My background in nursing varies - child/maternal, L & D, psych, education, corrections... no med-surg. I am day 5 post op from a bilateral reduction... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Breast reduction is a very emotional situation. Never be afraid to talk and ask people for help, be it physically, emotionally, and mentally.
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  2. by   sharann
    5 days post-op is nothing. This is so normal no matter what the surgery, so don't feel like a wuss. YES, I have noticed in my practice that nurses indeed ARE the worst patients (I include myself in this lot). We know too much and we do like to delegate!!!
    Pamper yourself as much as possible and feel better soon. (Give it a week or two)