Do i have the right to be excused from being present during circumcision? - page 3

Hello everybody, I'm looking for advice, so please be understanding and i want to warn before hand that i am not here to start a debate. here is my problem: I found out that during our nursing... Read More

  1. by   PCT_Nat
    Sharon and Teshiee, I have been researching circumcision extensively for 4 years. Before that time i really had no knowelege about it and i didn't really care, but when i started looking into it farther, because I was faced with making a decision towards the fate of my own child. It seemed like the little snowball of information turned into a mountain.
    I've also been visiting circumcision/inact support group for 3 years and there were many people like yourselves regretting the procedure, simply because they weren't given enough information prior to the child's birth. I'm sure u were never told that it poses certain risks and it is not until recently APP agreed that circumcision is painful and requested anaesthesia to be administered.
    I'm sorry that this happened to you and if it's any comfort - u were only trying to do what was best for your sons.
    Cultural influence is the biggest pull on our decisions medical or non-medical and it's impossible to deny that.

    Thank you to eveyone who tried to help me with my question.