Do hospitals and clinics still have student loan forgiveness programs???

  1. What happened to hospitals and clinics paying back student they still do this?? Can you bring this up in your interview and see if they will? How common is this? And what are the normal stipulations? Thanks!
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  3. by   BSNtobe2009
    You can do a search of the's been discussed alot, even recently. Go to the hospital website under "career" where you are interested in working, many times they have it listed in their Human Resources section.

    Loan forgiveness programs to me, are just like a salary a rule of thumb for ANY job, it should never be discussed at an interview until you are offered the job and an offer is on the table. I think it's ok to discuss it if it is offered as a STANDARD part of the package and listed on their website as being available.
  4. by   EricJRN
    I think tuition reimbursement programs are probably more common, at least around here. You might check out the institution's website. Often, I've found that this info is described under the HR/prospective employee section of the site.
  5. by   RN1263
    In northeast ohio, the Cleveland Clinic hospital & their 4 affiliate hospitals (euclid, huron, southpoint, & hillcrest) have tuition reimbursement for new grad R.N.'s. They call it NEAP (nursing education assitance program).

    Cleveland clinic gives $10,000 for two yrs. of service as a new grad & the affiliate hosp. are $8,000 for two yrs of service. They pay you a portion in each paycheck starting after the 90 day probation period & you must be hired to work a "bedside" postion. So, if you were going to work in surgery for example, then you would not qualify.
  6. by   RN007
    Loan forgiveness programs are out there and I have asked every recruiter I've talked with about them. Two out of six hospitals in my area offer them: one is only $3,000 for day shift, $5,000 for nights for a 3-year commitment. The other hospital offers more money but you have to work a 'hard to fill' (night) shift for 5 years. If you hear about a loan forgiveness program, be sure and read the fine print and get all the details about commitment and payback requirements if you break the contract. Also, how much money you get depends on whether it's taxed or not. I'm finding it's not enough money for the loss of freedom.
  7. by   user9876
    so what is the difference between tuition reimbursement and loan forgiveness?? or are they the same? also, just to clear it up, i'm talking about getting past loans paid for, NOT continuiting education assistance..... but wow, i was hoping someone would say some places pay loans off in FULL..
  8. by   RN007
    Tuition reimbursement is continuing ed. Loan forgiveness is where they give you money to pay off loans. I haven't found that free ride where I live. As a previous poster said earlier, search this forum. It's been discussed a lot. There are government programs, also, for nurses who go to work in underserved areas.