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is it my imagination or does nursing have a high divorce rate. seems like 75% of nurses are divorced....is it one of those careers that is dangerous to a marriage, or is it only my imagination...any... Read More

  1. by   mageean
    Married only once and still am.
    Started nursing career after getting married
    Am I unique?
    I believe the fact that my wife is NOT a nurse helps!!!
  2. by   ohbet
    The divorce rate is 50 percent in America,so its high in any profession,or job,and I dont see why nursing would be more conducive to divorcce than any other profession.
  3. by   researchrabbit
    Got my divorce BEFORE I went to nursing school.

    I think it had a lot MORE to do with his job as computer systems analyst -- he could be online all day to chat up other women.

    My mom is a nurse and has been married to my dad for 50 years this June.

    My sister and her husband are both nurses, have been married for 25 years.
  4. by   dianthe1013
    I am in nursing school, and my fiance has applied for State Trooper testing. He also used to be a Marine. If any two people could possibly be headed for divorce, it would be us - there's just just going to be soooo much stress. Our only defense is that we have our eyes open to that. We won't let it go south without a fight. :blushkiss

  5. by   BMS4
    I haven't been a nurse long, but my husband has been extremely supportive through school, now work. And he is more than willing for me to continue my education. He has been in the military for 22 yrs and we've been married 17 yrs, my first, his second.

    I think that your S. O. should be supportive, regardless of what you do.