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  1. Hello all,

    I am considering enrolling in a distance learning course for an RN to BSN degree. I have researched two prominent programs, Excelsior (formerly Regent's) and Jacksonvilled State University.

    Does anyone have any personal insight into these programs? Any specific frustrations, commendations, or otherwise that might help me make a decision?

    Has anyone researched any other distance program that is accredited that I did not list above? I would appreciate hearing from any and all. Please list links when you can.

    Thanks in advance for all your help...

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  3. by   Researchnurse
    I am interested in the same. Actually filled out info for Jacksonville University, and they called me today at work to talk about the program. It was a little high pressure...she wanted me to sign up for a course NOW! Also found out they do have clinicals for the 8th class...that isn't what they lead you to believe, but it isn't something I was opposed to. Just felt it was a bit of false advertising. But she backed off when I said I wanted more time to think about it, and wouldn't be interested until the May courses come up. Would like to hear from others who know something about it as well.
  4. by   P_RN
    I got the same pressure from U Wisconsin Green Bay and from Jacksonville. I finally had to ask the "recruiter" to stop contacting me. They wanted $410 to evaluate my transcript.

    I got some info from U. Washington that looked good. U Phoenix sent me a small pamphlet but no other contact. I have looked at Excelsior-and they seem to have changed their focus from a few years ago. They are offering "nursing" experience credit to EMTs and Paramedics.

    A girl at work did Graceland BSN, and they seemed pretty tough...actually I liked that about them.

    No one seemed interested in ME from any of those I contacted, and that I didn't like.
  5. by   puzzler
    I have been looking at Jacksonville also. Guess I did not get as far as you as they did not mention any clinicals at all.

    I would also like to know if their prices are in line with others. I have just recently started looking at this area and would appreciate any info anyone else has.

  6. by   Treva
    I have been taking classes from St. Joseph's College in Maine. They have been wonderful! It is a very small college on the shores of a beautiful lake. They have a very good campus-based nursing program and started distance ed many years ago.
    A couple of years ago I went there for a week for the first of 2 required on campus classes. It was wonderful, so peaceful. A great break from work.
    Anyway, they are flexible and less expensive than so many other distance programs I've checked into. You can also take some of your classes at schools near your home, clep classes, and take distance ed from other schools, as long as its approved by your advisor in advance.
    I'd really recommend it. the address is

  7. by   Totone656
    I got my degree through Excelisor. I missed passing one of my nursing classes by .4 of a point so I enrolled there. I was able to raise my GPA from 2.45 to 3.45. I know there are a few who think this is mail order nursing school, but I assure you this was harder to do then the nursing school.
    I plan on going back and get my BSN through Excelisor. I will only have to take only the upper nursing courses and one core class. With the use of the internet, "Study Buddies", EPN, and the instructors from Excelisor I found it not as stressful. That is the courses, the CPNE (clinicals) were quite stressful. I would tell you since this is a self study type of schooling you have to be dedicated to what you want.
  8. by   oka_san
    I'm also looking for some distamce larning programs. I'm interested in Glaceland but the website doesn't say that much details. ( how to enroll , how much the cost.etc...) if someone know or taking the program , please let me know.

    thank you
  9. by   ShawnRN
    I am currenlty enrolled in Graceland's RN-BSN program. I am working on completing my clinicals (yes, you have to do them with Graceland) and then will be done.

    Overall, I'd say it's a pretty good program. Dealing with the support staff who handle admissions and registrations can be annoying, but once your enrolled and registered, the faculty is great. They are very available, helpful and supportive.

    When I started I thought this would be a fairly easy program, however, it is anything but. It takes a great deal of time, work and committment. At this point I'm just tired of it and can't wait to be finished.

    Graceland does require that you actually go to the school for a period of time. I had to attend twice for two weeks each. I believe that they have reduced that requirement to a single one week residency.

    Tuition is $275 per credit ($1,100 for a 4 credit course)

    Clinical requirement is critical care, community health, and leadership in nursing. You can challenge our of one. Any critical care certification will automatically get you out of critical care.
    You are required to do 36.5 of actual patient care in the two remaining areas, and then you have to do 73 hours of any clinical expereince you want.

    Graceland also offers, BA Liberal Studies, BA Healthcare Administration, RN-MSN, BSN-MSN Nurse Practitioner.

    The BA programs have no residencey requirement.

    Hope this is helpful.
  10. by   thisnurse
    prn i dont think 410 to evaluate your transcript is excessive. after all they have to READ it and stuff..lol

    i was gonna do the bsn prog online too but after finding that you still have to spend time oncampus
    i think ill pass.
    our hospital is affiliated with a few local colleges that offer the bsn and the hospital will pay for it. one of the schools is oncampus so i think ill just do that.

    thanks all

    i love this board
  11. by   2tanrn
    To Treva,

    soon, i will go to maine as a nurse. Where is this St. Josephs College? I d like to ask , hows the patient to nurses ratio in Maine.
  12. by   Treva
    St Joseph's is outside of Standish, I think about 30 miles from Portland. Its a beautiful small college.

    I don't know about the nurse/patient ratio there. I actually live in Utah. there are schools closer than Maine, of course, but I really have enjoyed my experiences so far with St. Joe's.
  13. by   CarolineRn
    Interesting post. I wonder if anyone knows if there are hospitals who will give tuition reimbersment for distance learning courses. At $200+ a credit hour, I tend to doubt it. But I'd love to be wrong!
  14. by   Researchnurse
    Washington University in St. Louis will do tuition for this I have checked, and think I will do it. As I said in a previous post Jefferson College is the one I contacted, but they called me AGAIN today at work really doing the "SALES PITCH". I really was turned off by this, as I told her I wouldn't be ready until the March classes. She pushed to get me into the January classes, until I told her not to call me back til then. It might be a very good school, but I hate PRESSURE SALES!