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Hi! I have a question. I am currently a nursing student working on my pre-req. I work in an extremely busy internal medicine practice as a medical secretary/medical assistant. My question is, how... Read More

  1. by   LaVorneRN
    Hey Mandi,
    People like that really make me wanna come to wherever you are and jack em up. It is NEVER too late to stand up for yourself! Before I have to come over there and put my foot in her arse, the next time she sasses you look at her like she's crazy and tell her to come back and speak to you when she has some respect. Then WALK AWAY!!!!! I promise she will NEVER give you crap again. You are not insubordinate and any supe will back you. You are demanding respect and no one will give it to you if you don't demand it. When I first started working in the hosp. setting I was 18, everyone knew my mother who worked there for years. and it was intimidating at first. But I'm also short. And short people tend to...heehee!!!have to stand tall and be heard sometimes. Being young means nada!!!! Being new means less!!! Hold your head up and tell yourself, literally, that NO person is a better human being than you and you deserve to be treated with respect girl!!!!!! I rest my case. Get back to me if I need to come kick some arse.
  2. by   tattooednursie
    Thank you guys I feel better now. I definantly have been talking to co-workers about this issue. Just about everyone feels the way I do, so atleast I am not alone in this.
  3. by   night owl
    Reminds me of the unhumans I don't work with. I'm on nights, they're all on days. They're just very rude when you're trying to give them report, they humiliate you in front of the entire staff, they expect you to do some of their work which I refuse and they don't like that... makes them even more unhuman. One of their "friends", a nurse from upstairs comes down and just takes our glucometer when no one is at the nurses station, then flat out lies that she took it with a smile on her face when you confront her about it. They're just a bunch of sick people who get off on this kind of behavior. We just got a new nurse a week or so ago and yesterday I took her into the supply room and closed the door and explained to her that this group she's working with is notorious for the bullying and to watch her back because if they don't like you, they'll do everything in their power to get rid of you. And they started with her already...Yesterday she asked 4 nurses if she could leave 15 minutes early. They said sure, go ahead then turned around and docked her for it. I mean, let's not get too stupid here. When the NM asked her who told her she could leave early, she refused to say because that would have ticked them off even more. So you see she's already caught up in it. She seems to be a very good nurse, and I'm afraid we'll lose her because of the cattiness of the UNHUMAN! We've lost sooooo many good nurses due to this type of behavior hence the nursing shortage on my unit. I don't let them get to me I just tell them flat out...Stop being so rude, or I've got enough to do, try and do your own work, stop the fibbin', and stop the back stabbing...I don't appreciate it and I don't deserve it...they don't seem to bother me anymore. If they try, I'll just let them know right then and there and don't care about what they think or say. You gotta put them right in their place. Don't take their crap, give it back!