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I have been an RN since 1994....but a few yrs ago, I began receiving disability. I absolutely hate being home all the time. I miss being a nurse. I miss my patients, etc.. I miss making real... Read More

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    Quote from LisaRNinarkansas
    Thank you all for your suggestions. I have alot to think about and some good starter points..

    I am an ASN RN, which limits what I can do, bc some areas require BSN. I dont have the resources or mind-set to go back to college. But perhaps a tech school...medical coding sounds interesting. I think there are other things as well. I will be checking those out.

    I spent my career in LTC...from Charge Nurse to DON...and everything in between. I loved my MDS job, but those are hard to come by. I wouldnt have given mine up, but I got pregnant and had a difficult pregnancy and delivery. They couldnt hold my job for as long as I needed it. Im always on the lookout for those particular jobs though.

    thanks again....

    more suggestions are always welcome
    Do you have good computer skills? Can you type fast? You could do medical transcription. If you're fast and accurate, you can make a pretty good wage. Your medical background would be particularly helpful, since you'd be familiar with the meds, terminology.

    Some tranascription jobs can be done from home (phys. office sets you up with the equipment), others are in the office. Depends on the docs' preference.