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Are there any other disabled nurses out there? I have become disabled r/t back problems this past year. NO help even after two back surgeries. I feel so isolated because the people that I had for... Read More

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    With the meds I am on for pain control and the fact that I cannot sit for longer than 20 minutes without severe pain, there is no job that I can do. Against regs for me to work taking the pain meds I have to take for pain control and they do not completely relieve the pain. I am in pain constantly.

    Have you tried to apply for SSD? (Social Security disability). I am in the process of applying. I have severe arthritis and a vestibular loss. Have had both knees replaced and one ankle fused. Am sensitive to loud noises...even clapping or people cheering on TV bothers me. I had worked at a pediatric hospital for 34 1/2 years. was in the NICU for 30 years.
    They terminated me in Dec. 2010 b/c of my disability. Long story. I've postd about it elsewhere. Very upsetting to me b/c after over 34 years, I did not even get a Thank You from anyone in Administration, or a chance to say goodbye to my fellow staff members and doctors...many of whom I'd known for over 30 years.