1. Hi, I'm interested in nursing and would love to go back to school to get a nursing degree. Problem is- I have limited dexterity in my hands that is essential for giving patient care. I'm also speech-impaired. I would like to write about nursing/health issues and maybe teach nursing courses. I'm afraid of being laughed at so any suggestions on how I could do nursing school and how I can contribute to the nursing field would be very helpful. Thanks.
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  3. by   sjoe
    From your description it does NOT sound as though nursing would be your cup of tea, since you need to perform substantial manual dexterity skills as well as verbal patient education, etc. in order to pass courses, which you need to do in order to take the nursing exam.

    I'd talk with a vocational guidance counselor, maybe with a rehab counselor, get some career testing and some feedback. There are a lot of health care jobs that do not involve nursing (thank goodness!) and a lot of caring-type jobs that are not in the health care field. Most likely you will find an area that you want to work in.
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    Agree with sjoe - my nursing school stated as part of the admission criteria that the student had to possess certain"essential abilities." The ability to see, hear and communicate with patients, as well as performing manual tasks, are included.

    I wish you luck in finding something in health care that suits you, if that's what you want .
  5. by   flowerchild
    Dear Warmheart,
    Although nursing may not be suited for you there are other areas where you can take your warm heart and put it to good use, and to be honest with you, may be better than nursing. The first thing I though when I read your post is warmheart would be great as a social worker helping speech, physical, and possibly hearing impared (if your limited dexterity prevent you from using sign language.) Just a thought.