1. I've been in college a year now, and I have been taking my prerequsite classes. I am having trouble with algebra and writing papers within a time limit without having a limit number of errors in my papers. I really struggle at times with writing/math. I'm afraid to apply for disability because I'm afraid I will be disqualify for the nursing program if they see I had extra time writing papers doing my algebra. I do fine in classes requires memorizations of the material. I think it's funny because I can correct grammar in a english paper but I can't write. Maybe, I get nervous or have test aniexty. I have a speech impair which isn't real bad. I don't always speak clear and certain letters are hard for me to say so I don't know if that will disqualify me. What does your school do about people with disabilities who want to go into nursing and Do you know nurses with disabilities? Our program requires a S.A.T score so If I scored high on it and keep my GPA 4.5 I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to go into nursing. A advisor ,not a nursing advisor, told me if I don't take english, algebra, psychology, biology together that I won't be qualify because they want see that you can do a full load. You ever heard of that? I'm taking English and algebra this semester so i can get them down because they are very important. Thank you for you time and hope you can share some stories with me.
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  3. by   ERNurse752
    I'm not sure what you mean by applying for disability?

    Have you been formally tested for learning disorders?

    Have you tried a tutor?

    I'm not sure why you would have to take english, algebra, bio, and psych all together to prove you can handle a full load...a lot of students are part time students and wouldn't be taking all of those at the same time anyway. But that's up to your school to decide. Maybe check with someone who is an actual nursing advisor...they can probably help you more there.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Malt123
    I worked with a nurse that stuttered, one with one arm, one with MS. went to school with a student that had disassociative disorder the list goes on. I went to 3 different colleges at the same time to get my prereqs. algebra,bio,and chemistry. but this was my choice because I wanted to get into a certain college at a certain time. I loved the algebra it was a weekender program, the biology was histerical because it was the second semester bilogy in that college, I don't know how I passed it but I did. I have a rotten memory and did all my life, my thing is I have to understand how everything works, been like that all my life. loved the labs, had a blast in them. my little paper dots kept multiplying during one experiment, I accused the professor of putting male sperm in my solution, he just laughed. hehehe
  5. by   Malt123
    oh by the way I had a Social Worker tell me I would never pass the GED, Passed that , passed LPN entrance, passed LPN program, passed RN program and got my ADN. and passed both boards the first time. point is I was not suposed to suceed. been in nursing for 24 years, had my own business, raised 2 kids and if people can't see my potential then it is their loss not mine.