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I'm curious...did you guys work while going through Nursing school? I'm 24 years old, and I have a stable 7-5 job. I make decent money working in a city government job. I have my own place, I have a... Read More

  1. by   acgemt
    I am in nursing school now and will be graduating in May 2005. I do carry a full time job (36-40 hours on the weekends) at a hospital as a tech, not to mention, I am a volunteer EMT as well. My advice to you...if you are fortunate enough to be able to pay your bills and not work, then by all means don't do it. Nursing school takes a lot of dedication, and you NEED to be able to give your time to studying. Time management is key. If you do decide to work, I would suggest you work in a health related field. This will give you some additional practice with the skills you are learning while in school. Plus you have extra support from your fellow co-workers. Good luck to you
  2. by   aurora_borealis
    I worked 20 hours/week at the same hospital that I went to nursing school. First as a unit clerk, then as a NA in my junior year. When I was a senior, they actually allowed me to have my own mod, as if I were an RN. Passing meds, making assessments, doing treatments, supervising my NA!!!!! I only did this a couple of times before I told them I wasn't very comfortable with it, and soon after the hospital wisely changed the policy. I can't imagine now, as an RN, trusting a student to function as an RN without the instructor.

    The next year, after I graduated and passed boards, one of my fellow students came to work on the unit where I had been working for a few months. Unfortunately, she flunked the boards. She was a good nurse and no one doubted her capability, so she was kept on, though "demoted" to NA pay. Except the NA position, other than the pay, was in name only. She was still given all the responsibilities that she had as an RN/LP, including passing meds. Only she wasn't allowed to sign the MAR, only an RN could. Reticently, I went along with this though I was never comfortable with it. What if something went wrong? What if she made a mistake? Who would take the fall? Finally I told my NM I wouldn't do it anymore. If I was going to sign the MAR I was going to damned well give the meds myself. Eventually the situation evolved into an RN giving the meds for her. Finally, mercifully, she passed the boards
  3. by   nurseshanti
    I'm just finishing up my third year of a four year nursing program and I've worked part-time ever since I started. I used to work about 20 hours a week at a local arts centre, supervising in the box office there. I really want to have a more nursing-related job but I figure I'm learning good leadership skills and people skills in this supervisor position.

    Now, I work about 10 hours a week, simply due to clinicals and an increased school workload this year. I would love to not work during school but I have to eat and pay the bills somehow. My girlfriend is also a full-time student and works part-time. We have a really busy household!!
  4. by   nessy
    I go to school full-time and work casual on weekends at a hospital (in admitting). It works out very well for me, and I love that my work is somewhat relevant to my studies.