Did we fluid overload her? - page 2

I'm a nursing student in a high acuity setting this quarter, and I cared for a pt in the CICU last week who had a sudden change in condition and I am trying to figure out why. At the time I was busy... Read More

  1. by   angel_nurse_83
    This screams CRF leading to CHF.
    Did anyone explain to this pt. that dialysis treatment can be her only hope... otherwise.. chances are she is going to go into fluid overload, and potentially dying from CHF.
    Her bp being so elevated despite all diuretics and her low kidney function is a +++ sign she is way too close to saying goodbye...
    p.s all these drugs need excretion from the body... and hence her renal clearance is near none she is going to send herself to further kidney failure...
  2. by   leslie :-D
    if she continues to refuse dialysis, hospice/comfort care is definitely indicated.