Did anyone fail their boards the first time around? - page 2

I am a new grad and just recently took my boards. I have not heard back yet and it's driving me crazy. Did any of you have to re-take your boards? How did you handle it? What did you do in the... Read More

  1. by   meownsmile
    I took my boards july 11th. Was find driving over to take them, was fine while i took them,, went out to the car when i was done and thought id barf. I just knew it was done, blown, failed for sure. I have never gotten nauseated so fast in my life. LOL
    But I passed, and am sure you will too. Keep the faith

    If you have an option to get your results early, whether unofficial or not do it. It takes a big load off your mind. On the 900 number they tell you it is unofficial, and it is because noone can allow you license but your state. But at least you know you have passed with the scoring of the test. Unless there is a reason your state can withhold your license(and i doubt there is in many instances) you will be official before you know it.
  2. by   MPHkatie
    I passed on my first time, but I know some nurses who took it twice- most won't admit it. the ones who have always shock me because they are awesome nurses.

    Just a note, I've taught a review class for NCLEX, and this is how the test works (You already know this, but a refresher for your panicky mind!) The computer shuts off when you are getting 50% right and 50% wrong-so when was the last time you got a 50% on a test? Thats why we all think we failed the computer version. Best Wishes and let us know when you get the good news.
  3. by   NMAguiar
    There's a simple guide: Those that walk away convinced they failed, always seem to pass.

    By comparison, those that strut out of the testing center convinced they'll be legal in a week, always seem to be disappointed.

    It's the law of contradictions at work again!