Dialysis? OR any RN jobs with benefits for pt

  1. :1luvu:Hi All! This is my first time posting but have been enjoying all of your great threads for months now. I've learned a lot from all the regulars here. Thanks.

    I'd love any feedback or info anyone may have on possible RN jobs that might offer medical benefits for part-timers. (With 3 daughters under 12 I can only work 24 to 30 hrs/wk)

    First yr out of nursing school I worked med/surg in a hospital and was able to get med insurance while part-time by contributing a higher paycheck deduction. But last year I got a job in LTC because I had trouble with the pt loads in the acute setting. (No benefits for part-time.)

    Has anyone heard of employers besides hospitals that offer medical insurance to PT workers?? I'm especially interested in Outpt dialysis, or any outpt setting.

    Thank you for any feedback or info you can offer!!
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  3. by   Lacie
    Check insurance companies or rehab companies like Corvel Corporation (national). There are some privately owned companies out there that also does Case management for worker's compensation injuries. I did it for years at Corvel and they do have full benefits for pt employees based on the amount of hours worked. Health insurance was also available and I made a decent wage with expenses paid also. They have field management and also telephonic management. Some companies allow you to do most of the work from home. At least where I was in Pgh, PA did. I only had to go into office maybe once a week at most. Another search engine for these type jobs Nurse Case Manager Job Search

    Corvel has there own site and if not advertised just cold call the office closest to you. Thats what I did and it was great as I was had 2 young children at home. Was great as when they were ill I didnt have to really worry about going into work, no nights, holidays or weekends!!!
  4. by   jnette
    I used to work for FMC... outpt. dialysis.

    I know this company pays health insurance for part time, but I believe you must put in 32 hours/wk.
  5. by   nurse15dc
    Lacie and jnette,

    I just found your responses to my question when I learned how to search for posts I'm following.

    Thanks for taking the time to respond and for being you so generous with your knowledge. I'll follow-up on your leads and let you know if I get any interviews.

    I'll probably apply at FMC because they are nearby but I'm not sure they'd be interested in a nurse with little acute experience. Seems like renal RN's often have yrs of critical care experience. This makes me think the pts must need that level of care.

    Anyway thanks again. I'll let you know if my resume generates any nibbles.