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a diabetic person mentioned that someone had suggested getting diabetic chocolate bars (instead of regular chocolate bars) - does anyone know the names of some of these, or where they can be found? ... Read More

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    I'm not saying artificial sweeteners can't be used safely--just that we don't need to restrict sucrose more so than starches in the mistaken belief that it will make a big difference in BG management.


    I don't think anyone her was saying that we shouldn't restrict startches or that total carbs aren't important. I'm beginning to think we are "talking past each other" here -- in other words, comparing apples and oranges.

    The original question was whether or not "sugar free" products have a place in diabetes management and where a patient might be able to find a suitable substitute for chocolate bars. We seem to have gotten a bit off track.
    I think my head was still reeling from a thread in which the OP thought it was her absolute duty to carry out MD order for 1800 Cal ADA diet, and that she might face legal liability if she did not enforce that. She refused to give pt bag of candy from her belongings.

    That said, I work with many people with diabetes who buy large quantities of sugarfree cookies and candy and think of them as free foods, which of course is not the case.

    I'm climbing down off my soapbox now!
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    my mom once ruined a romantic get away by eating too much candy on the way. these sugar free candies (she gets the russell stovers) were just starting to get popular, and i dont think she knew the implications. she ended up having diarrhea the whole weekend. i think for a quick fix, they get the job done. i personally would rather have a small piece of dark chocolate, but for a diabetic i imagine they're a godsend.
    We had a family ski trip one year in Sunriver and we bought a big bag of sugar free jelly bellies and all 15 people in the house had diarrhea all night. 4 bathrooms were being used all night long.:chuckle I also had to leave a movie theater once because I ate a few sugar free chocolate truffles and had horrible gas. The point is that people have to be very careful with these products. They might take the edge off of a sweet craving, but be careful or you will have a very uncomfortable day! :chuckle
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    I haven't checked the candy bars, but I did with cookies. I had bought some sugar-free cookies by Archway. There were only about 8 cookies in the package, they hardly had any taste, and cost about $4. Next time I went to the grocery store, I compared the nutritional value with those sugar-free cookies to a similar cookie made with sugar. I found the sugar-free ones had the same (if not more) carbs than the regular ones. My thought is if you have to have an occasional cookie, then why not just eat the regular kind, spend less money, and get more flavor?