Desperately Seeking Info.

  1. I am seeking info. for travel opportunities for new grads. and various certifications for R.N.'s ex.(ACLS). Anyone with any info. on either subject feel free to surf me in the right direction. E-mail welcome at Thanks!!
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  3. by   RN Zeke
    check with the travel companies. There may be a few that accept new grads. two years of experience is usually required in order for a travel company to look at your application. Would you want to travel with no experience ? Pretty risky and dangerous!
  4. by   Altra
    Wow ... how did this nearly 7-year old thread pop up???
  5. by   RN Zeke
    New nurses with the same questions. I don't find it hard to answer and teach the new people. Have patience and share information on this site to better others and ourselves.
  6. by   ckalston
    I would like to start a new thread for my question but can't seem to figure out how (call me duh). Anyhow, when we hire a new nurse at our facility we require a medication test to be done. This is all fine and good except that the test that we are using is the same test that I took when I started here 11 years ago. This out dated test is difficult because some of the meds are no longer being used and the resources we provide to take the test are 2007 and don't even have some of those meds in them. What does your facility use to test medication proficiency (sic).