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Hi all. I was a happy, involved, straight-A high school student. I really looked forward to college. Midway through the first semester, I found it very hard to even get out of bed in the mornings.... Read More

  1. by   nar-S
    i'm a graduate of a 4-years course in nursing and during those times, i've learned to smoke and drink...i was a chain smoker and a weekly heavy-hard-liquor-drinker...i usually spent my time in my apartment's roof just smoking, drinking and deep in thoughts...i also had insomnia...i never did drugs nor ignored my studies (well maybe my studies sometimes :d)... i cried over music videos...and even had plans of how to commit suicide...i was diagnosed with depression...but depression is not considered a form of sickness in my country...they thought i was just "acting around" and would come out of it in a few days...i didn't had medications nor counseling...after college, i took a 2 years off of everything...i stayed in a no-mans land and just sleep, eat, breath, and got a hold of myself...eventually, i volunteered for a nursing job in that town and had found a meaning and purpose which over-ride my depression (well, that's what i think anyhow)...i'm married now, in a different country, in a different situation...though i still cry over nothing, have a tough time sleeping, and occassionally have a light drink...i do not smoke anymore and i do not think ever! of ending my life (goodness! there's a lot of things i want to do and people to share it with)...hmmmmmmm...come to think of it, i wonder what happened to that depression i once knew?