Degree title? "confused"

  1. I was offered through the state(Alabama) a 100% paid offer to college, and the course will include.......


    then basic other courses such as spanish.

    Not sure if i left out any medical courses that will be included, as the woman was talking fast and i wasn't taking notes.

    So, this will be a 50 week course 2 days be week 2 hours per day(id like to go full time)

    So what is this courses title once i'm done, and are there any pitfalls i might be missing with this FREE college?

    edit: I will be going to NorthEast Community College
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  3. by   ann945n
    I wouldnt believe anything is "FREE" i would read the fine print there. but to answer your question which i think was what would your title be once you are done. To me sounds like CNA which is a certified Nursing Assistant. If you dont know what they do for a job just google it and you will find lots of answer. You can expect to make around 10 dollars an hour. With phlebotomy maybe a bit more depending on where you get hired. Not sure about EKG
  4. by   Xentec
    thanks for the reply.

    The program is state funds called WIA, it has limited slots per year and is income based.

    Yes i've some some reading on CNA, but i was wondering if all the combined classes had a different title or some how allowed me to get more money.

    overall does this sound like a good route to go for getting started in the health care field?
  5. by   ann945n
    CNA with phlebotomy will help, ive never heard of a CNA need EKG but I could be wrong about that. The two together will not be a different certificate a CNA is a CNA but you will have extra training and therefore will be qualified for more jobs. For the most part CNA are underpaid and the pay really only varies with experience. My pay only ever went up with time not extra skills im afraid. I think CNA is a wonderful way to get into health care and I say go for it and start working. The experience will help you out more then you can imagine if you decide to go to RN school, it helped me out millions and I loved being a CNA.
  6. by   Xentec
    Awesome, thanks for the replies

    Yes, i intened to go back to school after i complete these courses, as im in a rush to get out of my job now(Working for KTH lifting 40 pounds 1500-3000 times per night from waist to chest high)

    Thanks again.