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i work as a patient care tech while working on my RN degree via an on-line ASN program. After talking to several co-workers, and hearing their comments about how students should or should not be... Read More

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    I never was fond of what used to be correspondence courses which have now been replaced with on-line courses, because virtually that is what it is. 10 years ago this type of education existed; it just wasn't as popular as it is now, because of the internet. It's much faster and easier than the old fashioned correspondence courses (degree by mail).

    I am currently in a traditional, classroom MSN program. I AM, however, currently taking an undergrad statistics course over the summer which is entirely on-line. I can say that the experience so far has been different and seems to work, but after nearly finishing the course soon (3 more weeks!) I can say that I honestly prefer traditional classroom formats. Why?

    1. While on-line formats will definitely challenge your communication skills, if you or your professor or classmates lack in this area, it is VERY frustrating to teach or be taught. It is very easy to word things incorrectly or not commmunicate properly, and subsequently not understand a topic or be thoroughly confused by it. As a student in a Nursing Education Program, I find this a potential barrier to learning for some students. On-line formats are based on a self- regulated learning theory/style, which has both pros and cons.

    I once had a concept in stats that for the life of me, my professor and I could not quite reach an understanding via email. Finally, we had to place a phone call. And what wasn't accomplished in a string of 7 emails was accomplished in a 5 minute explanation.

    I have also found that on-line courses do leave quite a bit of room for cheating; it's inevitable. Even the most dedicated of student's (such as myself) discipline will be challenged in this regard. And during the summer, it's VERY difficult to not simply open your book during a "closed book" on-line quiz. So..has learning truly taken place?

    Hence, my favoriticism for traditional programs. Pick what is right for you, but personally, I feel that nothing can replace a classroom format.