Dedicated Stroke Units

  1. Does anyone work at a hospital that has a dedicated stroke unit? How is it set up? What is the acuity level of the patients? Is it considered critical care? Are there a few dedicated stroke bed within a med/surg or tele unit? My hospital is going to open one up and want to see how others are set up. Are the stroke bed used for other types of patients if the beds are empty or are a certain number left open for possible stroke admissions? Any info would be appreciated.
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    Anybody know of anyone that works in a stroke unit? What is it like?
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    Quote from batmik
    Anybody know of anyone that works in a stroke unit? What is it like?

    I work on a neurology/neurosurgery floor which has a dedicated stroke unit. We just passed certification by JCAHO to be able to say we are a "Certified Stroke Unit". The patients are not critical care patients, we still have a 7:1 ratio. About half are on telemetry. We have preprinted physician orders and pathways for ischemic strokes and hemorrhagic.

    Because the unit is only 39 beds the neurosurgery patients make up most of the census but they are trying to change that by separating into two units. We have a stroke outcome team who tracks the patient throughout their stay and once they get home/rehab. It is a great process I must admit.

    Hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the information. We will have 5:1(state law) all on tele
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    My husband had a stroke four years ago and was tranferred to a dedicated stroke unit .I must say that they were very "dedicated".The unit only took stroke patients and they have their own physiotherapists, occupational therapists,and specialist doctor and nursing staff.
    Each day each patient goes through their own personal plan of treatment and the improvement rate is really noticable.This unit is never underused,there is a waiting list from all over the county.
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    thanks for the information.