Decisions...What are of the hospital is right for you???

  1. I am graduating this December. How do you decide what areas you like? And is it better for new nurses to work med-surg floors before joining a critical care unit? Does anyone have suggestions or opinions, please?

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  3. by   TazziRN
    The question of whether or not you should start in medsurg first is a long-standing argument. I think you should, others say No. As for what area is right for you, you try different areas until you find a fit you like!
  4. by   Wendy_RN
    I graduated in May, so I do not have a lot of "words of wisdom" that some of the others on this board can offer you. I can tell you that I see now where a med/surg background is beneficial no matter what area you eventually work in. That is where you are going to get more of a variety and in my opinion, will give a more well rounded foundation. In a specialty area, you are going to deal mainly with that.

    I started on telemetry / step-down ICU. I am in the process of changing jobs now and am giving serious thought to med/surg. Is it what I want to do long term? No, but there is so much to learn when you get out of school and that may be an area for me to do so.

    You will get a lot of different opinions on this issue. You have to decide what it is you want out of your nursing career and how you feel about your abilities at this time. I will tell you that nursing school only prepares you for the basics and does not teach you how to become a nurse. You learn to become a nurse after you have actually started working as one. (that is just my opinion from what I have experienced)

    Good luck on whatever you decide!!!