DaVita, why are they always hiring?

  1. DaVita, why are they always hiring? I always thought someone hiring excessive, may be a bad employer.
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  3. by   RN1989
    I interviewed with several of the dialysis companies in the past couple of years. I was told by the managers that one reason for high turnover is that they get many new grads or people just desperate to get out of the hospital and when reality sets it, they can't cope. Specifically mentioned was the fact that dialysis is basically terminal care. One manager said she was trying to avoid any new grads because the new grads come in wanting to save the world and they were miserable in this setting because most of the patients are poorly compliant and they don't want to be "saved" and get harped on to stick with their meds, dialysis days, etc. each and every time they come to dialysis. Whether their excuse is true or not, who knows.

    The reason I declined to work there was the lack of time off. Several nurses were having to work every weekend. No coverage if someone is sick so you HAVE to go in to cover when people don't show up to work (this was a specific requirement at the places that I went to). Which basically means no personal life.

    I also did not like that they had dialysis "techs" that were allowed to to do all the hooking, unhooking, machine monitoring, and heparinization of patients. To me this was too risky. Basically the nurses were there more to satisfy regulatory requirements, give tylenol if needed, and intervene if one of the techs told the nurse of a problem.
  4. by   Blueskydeepwater
    Easy question to answer... if you don't drink the kool-aid you don't get your rose colored glasses. I worked for Gambro for 12 years then a few Years ago Davita purchased/merged with us. They came in with all this one for all bull..the only one for all I have seen is Davita looking out for Davita Forget the staff as well as the patients. The insurance is poor and over priced, they try and low ball salaries with all new staff... staffing stinks and it does not matter who the FA is... it is all based on the SWC report. I am not impressed at all with DAVITA! The smaller outpatient units are easy of course... that is a no brainer. I did work at a 12 station out pt Davita unit, we had 22 patients and were only open MWF... how hard can that be!? Hard to screw that up!!:bowingpur