Davita vs Fresnius

  1. I really need HELP quick!!!!! I have a phone interview with Davita on Monday 2/12/18 and I have a face to face interview with Fresnius on 2/21/18. Here is my dilemma!!! I want to know if any nurses can tell me what it's like to work at both of these places. I am switching my specialty from Orthopedic to Dialysis and I'm relocating so I would be taking a trip to Chicago on the 21st. Also, is there a difference in the pay. I'm almost 2 years as a RN. Any response would be appreciated. Ideas of questions to ask (pt nurse ratio, hours, on call etc.)
    Thanks everyone!!!
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  3. by   Rocknurse
    I worked for Davita for 5 years. I really enjoyed working for them although of course there are issues, as there are with any place of employment. On the whole it was a good experience. The machines were brand new and the training was excellent. They sent me to some cool places on their dime. I got sent to San Diego for a conference and went on two of their cycle race tours in Wisconsin and Michigan. You can climb the ladder in Davita if you put your mind to it, and there are lots of opportunities. I worked for the acute team so I'm not sure what the chronic clinics were like.

    The down sides were that if you were on call you could never be sure what time you'd be leaving that day, or if you left that you wouldn't be called back in 5 minutes later. I wasn't on call every day though and if I worked late the money was good. I liked it and made some good friends there.
  4. by   llevy01
    Thank you so much this information was very helpful. I believe this is chronic but I will find out for sure if it is acute on monday. I've talked with both companies and trying not to confuse the 2 information.

    Thanks again!
  5. by   Eleven011
    There is a Dialysis forum under the specialties tab. You might get more responses if you posted your question there also.