Curious about salaries??

  1. I'm just curious about salaries in nursing. Basically, are there any links that show, maybe with charts or something, the salary ranges for specific areas of nursing? I tried googling, but you get "iffy" info sometimes... I guess I'm wondering what opportunities ARE there in nursing, besides LPN...RN...?? I know there are ARNP's, too..
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  3. by   mom2michael

    Great tool. Lots of info. You can research all different types of nursing, degrees, etc.. You can tailor to location, general area (like the midwest).

    Hope this helps!!
  4. by   HomeofLove4Him
    Thanks Mom2Michael.

    So, from that, I see that CNM's actually make more than just "nurse practitioner". That's interesting b/c I would have thought it'd be the other way around. Plus, aren't CNM's a "type" of Nurse Practitioner?

    Course I also saw that Nurse anasthetists make about $100K. That'd be nice....reeeeeeeal nice lol, but something tells me I have to be after my passion, not just $. And my passion lies in obestetrics. I would LOVE to be making 100K....but the idea of just administering anasthesia (not "just" in a demeaning way-I meant "just" as in, not doing obstetrics TOO), just isn't where my heart is. My heart truly is in obstetrics (but I wish my wallet could be in 100K ROFL)
  5. by   BabyRN2Be is a great tool for getting a general idea of what a nurse makes in different areas. I think for comparison reasons it's great, but is pretty out of line with what a nurse makes in this general area. Especially when it comes to a CNA salary. I was looking at that before I started CNA school, knowing that doesn't even come close. If I hadn't know what a CNA really makes when coming out of school, I would have been in for one rude shock.

    Another things about it doesn't vary much from state to state. I expect that a nurse from, let's say, Boston, would make a lot more money than one coming from the midwest. Last time that I checked, they were only a few thousand dollars apart in salary range.

    I could be wrong though, and looking at the wrong chart.
  6. by   suzanne4
    A CNM is a Nurse Practitioner.

    Pick something that you wish to do, because that is what you really want to do, not because of what the salary currently is in that area. Those change frequently as well. Depending on where you are living, there are RNs that make close to $100,000 with working about 60 hours per week, which is what you would be close to with the CNM.