CSUCI Fall 2018 Channel Islands

  1. Hello all future nursing students! I wanted to start a thread for all future CSU Channel Island Nursing students applying now and hopefully starting in Fall 2018. To get a rough idea of what this applicant pool is like, how many points does everyone have?
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  3. by   shanwowzers
    Hi sammyswanny!

    I'm so glad you started this thread! I'm pretty sure I'm sitting at 31 points...which isn't very good but I'm still remaining optimistic
    Relying mostly on my grades and TEAS score because I'm not already a CI student, not fluent in another language and I don't live in the "geographic area"...though I am very close haha. But I do have my certification as a nurse assistant which earns me a couple extra points.
  4. by   vp101

    I am also applying to the nursing program for this fall. I just sent in my application a few days, and am quite nervous to find out my results. I am depending on my grades and experience in the health care field.
  5. by   galpalval
    i am going to turn my application in next week from what i have added up myself i have 33 or 34 points... i am a CNA and speak spanish but my gpa wasn't the greatest. We'll see how it goes... i am extremely nervous haha. Good luck to all the applicants.
  6. by   Dahlface
    Hi everyone!

    I am a transfer student and got a provisional acceptance email February 2nd for "pre-nursing". I was very confused because at the time I did not send my nursing supplemental application yet. I sent them an email for clarification and they said once I'm fully accepted I can begin courses. My online portal has an accept/deny option so I'm assuming once I finish my in-progress micro class I will be "fully" admitted. Anyone else in a situation like this? And good luck to everyone!
  7. by   itsmeg
    Hello fellow applicants!

    I'm currently sitting at an estimated 38 points.
    Most of it is from my GPA, 10/11 pts from the TEAS, Volunteer Hours, ASL, SSS, and being a current CI student. I'm going to be turning in my application right before the deadline.

    Take a deep breath, we got this!
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  8. by   itsmeg
    @Dahlface Getting accepted to the school does not mean you're accepted to the nursing program. Applying to the school was step 1, now you must do step 2 which is the supplemental application. Pre-Nursing is a major for students who are trying to get into the program but are not yet in it.
    Just make sure you submit your supplemental application by February 28th.
  9. by   Dahlface
    @itsmeg that's what I was suspecting, thanks for your help!
  10. by   vp101
    Hey! Have you guys ever seen anyone get in with 20 points?? I am asking for a classmate who is also applying.
  11. by   itsmeg
    @vp101 No. The lowest I've seen is 29 but that was a few years ago and was a male with military experience.
    I personally wouldn't apply with 20 points.
  12. by   vp101
    Same. it is low but I thought i would ask. Thank you I'll let them know.
  13. by   sammyswanny
    Hello everyone! I realized I never put my points on here. My application had 34 points. Last year the bottom accepted was 32, and 29 was the year before.
  14. by   carinaaaa
    Hi everyone! The anxiety of waiting is killing me!

    My total points: 34

    I read the thread from last year, and a few people got in with 34s.

    Stay positive and know that everything works out the way it is supposed to! Good luck everyone! Hard work pays off!