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  1. by   Mijourney
    Hi pebbles. Thanks for the feedback. I don't recall hearing this term in nursing school, but then again, after being overwhelmed with careplans and clinical, I may have missed it in class. The evidence based journal for nursing I believe is relatively new. I don't think the international version has been out more than four or five years. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  2. by   tapper
    Now, after getting through a few chapters of my Critical Thinking text, I can see where teaching some sort of thought process in nursing school to be very positive. But at the same time, much of it does seem like common sense, with special phrases to describe how we should and shouldn't think.

    From reading these posts I can also see it as the fashionable/trendy/in vouge thought process theory . Very similar to what ISO certification and Six Sigma are to corporate/manufacturing settings. I am sure that somebody will put a new spin on Critical Thinking, or come up with a different, but similar theory that will push Critical Thinking to the background, it's only a matter of time. But, for me, until I graduate, Critical Thinking is where it's at, like it or not. Thanks for the info.