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What would you do if...? Pt HR in 150s, RR 40-50? Pt on NC 4L B/P stable 115/89 How do you know when to change source of Oxygen? Any guidelines? How can you tell the difference btwn ST... Read More

  1. by   EmmaG
    Quote from poppy07
    So do you guys have any suggestions since when I talk to the Mgr and Charge RN, both saying "you'll never feel ready"..."what do you need a year of orientation"...etc. and "you're never really on your own"...
    Bet these idiots wonder why they can't retain staff, too.

    I agree with the above posts. You most certainly can quit. A contract is by definition between (at least) two parties. It would appear that they have not fulfilled their part of the agreement. The advice to speak with a contract law attorney is a great idea; most will provide a free consultation.