Crappy salary, and no pay for call?! - page 2

I had a job interview today for a case mgmt job in a P.A.C.E. program (PACE - Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly). I will need to get T.I.L.E. certified to do it (TILE = Texas Index of... Read More

  1. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    They called and offered me the job today. I told them I had reservations due to the low salary. they upped their offer by $102./mo.

    But, I just can't get past spending 1/4 of my life on call for free.

    I am going to turn it down. I hope it's not a mistake, but when I think about working for free, it just makes me feel defeated.
  2. by   MNlpn
    18/hr with 8 yrs exp? WOW that is crap! Im and LPN with 13 yrs exp and I make almost 23/hr at my metro hospital. Ever thought of moving to MN? hehe
  3. by   rnwendy23
    I'm an LPN with 2 yrs experience in MD working in sub acute/rehab and I make $24.00 an hr. It really kind of stinks cause when I get my RN and go to the hospital I'll have to take a pay cut.