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Okay, I want any and all replies. Me and my mother (who is an RN 20+ yrs) have been havning this debate, and I want other opinions. My mom does ERT or emergency response team for a local hospital... Read More

  1. by   wtbcrna
    Here guys,

    http://www.americanheart.org/downloa...Winter2005.pdf page 16 lower left hand corner.
    Here is what the new AHA guideline states "Immediate defibrillation is appropriate for all rescuers responding to sudden witnessed collapse with an AED on site (for victims 1y/o or greater)."
  2. by   vampiregirl
    I just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents from the EMS perspective. I agree that the EMT's were correct to immediately defibrillate due to it being a WITNESSED arrest. Our current EMS protocols use the AHA guidelines and this is what we do. However, our protocols also call for 3-4 minutes of CPR prior to defibrillating if the arrest was not witnessed or if the down time is greater than 4 minutes with no effective CPR in progress. The CPR allows for enough ATP to be generated to effectively convey the electric current. We have been using these protocols for a couple years now and have a 16% out of hospital save rate for our county, which isn't shabby considering the national save rate is ~4%.