1. How many nurses here are under a contract with the hospital where you work? How long are your contracts? With a bonus or without?

    I am asking because the facility I want to work for makes you sign a two year contract, no signing bonus, in order to put you through their training program (which is amazing in comparison to other hospitals). Apparently, they had a problem with new nurses going through orientation with them then leaving after a year to work for another facility that pays just a few dollars more(but has a crappy orientation program).
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  3. by   jo272wv
    When I got hired for my floor it was a one year verbal contract which I will honor. I would have shyed away from a 2 year contract because you just do not know the true working conditions or even if it is something you want to do long term. I know that with just 6 mo under my belt I will be looking for something different after this year just because I am not enjoying hospital nursing like I thought I would. Most other nursing jobs require at least one yr in hospital so I know I have to complete that.

    I would think hard before signing a two yr contract and know at least 90 percent, that is what I want to do for the next 2 years.

    Good luck in what ever you choose.
  4. by   AuntieRN
    We have to stay in our current position for 6mos before we can move to another position in the hospital system..but we do not have any kind of contract that says we have to stay with the system itself, that is unless they paid for you to go to school. Then I think it is a 2 yr contract. I know one of the local hospitals who pd for tuition made you sign a 6 mo contract for every semester they paid for or you had to pay them back the money. To me that only seems fair though.
  5. by   k3immigrant
    When i first worked, i signed a 2 year contract w/ the hospital but several of the other nurses that i started with left before 2 years & i heard that the hospital that hired them paid off whatever they owe in the previous's always good to finish the contract that you signed.i am almost done w/ my 2 year contract w/ my present hospital that gave me a sign on & relocation bonus & i don't have plans in staying any longer as i am not happy with the management.