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  1. by   Jo Dirt
    Quote from starlight26
    Yes, I have but I am not sure if I can go to college right now, at least not full time. It is an option later. I kind of need something I can do soon to help us financially.
    Be forewarned: CNA work is back breaking and the amount of money you make will not make it seem worth the effort. Hospitals are generally easier than nursing homes but it is harder to find a hospital job.
    The easiest thing you can do is private duty CNA but I'm not sure how the private duty market is in your area.
    I would advise against becoming a CNA because at this point in your life it doesn't seem practical with two small children who need you during the day. When you stay up all night then try to come home and care for the little ones. I know you said you need to make money quick but you won't be making much as a CNA.
    If your immediate need now is simply money there are more effecient ways to do this than CNA or phlebotomist.
    You would be better off finding a couple of houses to clean on the weekends or evenings for $25/hr. I know someone who went to a wealthy neighborhood and knocked on some doors and left cards and it only took one call back. She now has regular customers and most of them came to her through word of mouth. Of course, housecleaning is hard work but for me it is more rewarding (I have done housecleaning before).
    Or, sometimes the hospitals and nursing homes will have a list of people wanting to hire "sitters" for their family member. This doesn't pay much but compared to CNA there won't be an incredible amount of difference.

    Thank heavens for CNAs. They work so hard for so little, which is why I would not advise anyone who was not a masochist to do it. I have never been a phlebotomist but I heard phlebotomists (in general) make more like $18,000 yearly.

    Thing is, if it is just money you need, there are better ways to get it than as a CNA, for sure.