1. i am pursuing a career in nursing but am struggling to find the difference between all the types of nurses, for instance grade A nurse and grade I nurse. what is the difference?
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  3. by   MollyJ
    I am not familiar with these "grades". Where are you from?
  4. by   P_RN
    Are you from the UK? Or are you maybe from Australia?

    In the UK they use levels....."A" through "H" ( I think). "A" being the lowest pay grade and H being the highest.

    In Australia, I think they use numerical grades 1 through...?

  5. by   P_RN
    This is from a dejanews archive of
    I think the salaries have risen since this.

    Grade/Salary per year

    A - Auxiliary/health care assistant (HCA) and can be assigned to any
    category of client. Salary (from RCN, ending Dec 1997) 8010-9800.

    B - Auxiliary who has completed a NVW Level 2 course or is an
    experienced student nurse. 9370 - 10,800.

    C - EN (enrolled nurse) a qualified nurse but cannot take charge of a
    ward or be in control of the drug round. 10,665 - 10,880.

    D - RGN (registered nurse) a qualified nurse who can take charge and
    administer medication. 12,230 - 14,165.

    E - Qualified nurse either with a special qualification or who is taking
    charge of a ward. 13,990 - 16,410.

    So someone with a salary of 13,990 would, in the States, make around
    $23,083 before taxes (based on an exchange rate of 1.65 dollars to the

    Some other specialist training

    RSCN - Registered Sick Children's nurse.
    SCBU - Specialist Care Baby Nurse
    RM - Registered Midwife