Confused! Not understanding job postings

  1. Hi - I've been looking at postings for Family Birthing positions and can anyone tell me what 'second for delivery' means in the job post below and does OR mean experience in the 'OR' or is it an 'or'. Meaning, you have to have 1-2 years experience 'or' have strong clinical skills etc.???

    Graduate from an accredited school of Nursing, BSN preferred
    Current Minnesota RN license
    CPR Certification within 90 days of hire
    BLS & NRP certification required
    1-2 years of Labor & Delivery experience
    second for delivery
    Strong Clinical knowledge base in related area
    Proficient oral and written communication skills
    Critical thinking skills and patient care competencies for assessment, intervention, and contributions to health care team planning and evaluation
    Ability to work intimately with patients and families throughout the life continuum
    Ability to establish effective relationships with health care team members, managers and leaders and with the key persons who relate to the patient and family during times of illness, crisis and development.
    Skillful in teaching others
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  3. by   TazziRN
    OR means "instead of", not in the OR. Don't know what the second for delivery means. Second nurse?