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Don't know if this has ever been on a thread before, but need to know what you think about computerized charting. We were told a month ago that this type of documentation will be installed at our... Read More

  1. by   altomga
    We've had computer charting for probably @ 8yrs...went to the general care beds @ ?2yrs ago I think. I like it sooooooo much better than writing my notes/assessment. (writers cramp anyone???) We use QMI system.....For new comers yes it takes some getting used to, but the new grads from the nearby colleges have had exposure to it during clinicals When new things get added on we are well notified, but sometimes things get to be double charted...the staff report this stuff and usually our IS people take care of it after approval....We don't have the comps in the pt's rooms (In the ICU's there are, but there is also a comp at the nurses desk) The only time we have comps in the Intermediate rooms is when there is a vent/bipap for the R.T. to have easy access to chart their vent numbers, etc.......
    Most people I've heard put down the computer charting end up loving it.....

    Until then,,,,,be patient!!
  2. by   kelligrl
    we use ulticare, I like it a lot. I just wish they would make the MD's put orders in on the computer. Right now they write them in the paper chart and we transcribe them in to the computer. Still have to deal with crappy writing